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Abode Hosting, the internet's home of high quality website hosting, for less than 1/10th the usual costs.

Our philosophy is pretty simple, so we won't waste your precious time with a bunch of long, drawn out verbiage.

Plain and Simple, We believe that the best way to be successful in this highly competitive industry, and to continue to beat the pants off all of our competition, day in and day out, is to simply give every single customer, "EVERYTHING" that they could ever possible need to be successful online, while charging a minimal price, that allows us just enough profit to stay in business and continue to grow, in order to be here to help others tomorrow!

Is that "Mission Statement" going to win us any fancy awards, for sophisticated website literary genius. Probably NOT!

But what it will win us, is the respect and appreciation of our clients, and earn us the right to develop meaningful and beneficial "Long-Term" business relationships and friendships with every one we serve, one client at a time!

And frankly, that's more than good enough for us. How bout You???

Try us out! You'll be glad you did, and so will all of your new customers, admirers, and friends!


"I have used Abodehosting for provision of two domain names and web server space. These are used for two websites for which I am responsible in constructing and upgrading regularly. The service that has been provided by Abode Hosting is excellent and I have not had any technical problems at all during the last two years and this includes server downtime. An excellent hosting provider that I would recommend especially due to its competitive pricing." Martin Berry www.warringtonps.co.uk & www.martinberry.co.uk


If you have a sales question or you wish to speak to our support staff then please contact us using our help desk via the links below.

In order to keep the cost of our hosting packages low and to provide better efficiency in answering your queries we are only able to provide support via our help desk.  We do not provide telephone support.

Please visit our Help Desk( www.abodehelpdesk.com) and submitt a ticket for any questions you may have

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Abode Online Services Ltd.

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Our telephone number is  +44 01302 239039 and our fax number +44 208 884 8044. However please do no call this number for queries regarding our web hosting as the telephone operators are not trained to answer your queries.  Please email us using the above email addresses, this will ensure that your query is promptly attended to.

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