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Q: Aren't your prices just a little "Too Good" to be true?

A: No, Not at all. Actually others could do the same, if they really cared about saving their customers tons of money, but unfortunately, most people out there on the net, are simply in it for themselves, and don't truly understand the concept of growing stronger, by helping more people to succeed with less time, energy and money invested!

We are simply committed to bringing you the best possible services and the most reliable, and inexpensive web hosting available in the world. That's what sets us apart, that's why we are as successful as we are!

We believe that every "Value-Conscious" consumers need to have access to the same great opportunities of internet success, as those thriving and richly, "Deep-Pocketed" high-end, Mega-Businesses and Corporations online, do.

Q: What all do I get with my "Abode Hosting" account?

A: Well, each plan comes with all of the necessary, standard, hosting features that you will need to make your presence known, LOUD and CLEAR on the internet!

All packages include: CGI, PHP, MySQL, SSI, FrontPage extensions, web-based email, etc, plus our custom designed "WebMaster's Toolbox" to save you time, money and energy as you build your electronic empire!

You can have as many emails, sub domains, FTP accounts, mailing lists, as you need, even with our least expensive option plan. There's simply "No Need" to pay more for additional features, when you can get it all thrown in for "FREE" right here at Abode. And with hosting fee's literally 1/10th the price of our competition, you can't go wrong!

Q: Do you guys end up covering my site with all sorts of ghastly, annoying and detestable, "Pop-Ups or banner ads?

A: No!!! Absolutely NOT! That is completely against our way of thinking and doing business! We believe that when once you've purchased your hosting account from "Abode Hosting," that it's yours, and yours alone, to do with as you see fit!

It most certainly shouldn't be littered or cluttered with un-invited banner ads or "Pop-Ups," from any one!

If however, you are in the process of better situating your web site for "Search Engine Optimization," and should wish to place a small link back to "Adobe Hosting," then we wouldn't object, in fact we would be most honored and grateful!

Q: How long does it take to get my hosting account?

A: Our Hosting process is fully automated with the latest, state of the art, technical hardware and software, available on the market today, so that as soon as you have placed your order and made your payment, your personal hosting account will be set up, and activated immediately!

At that time, you will receive, simple and easy to follow, instructions on how to access your account, and begin the creation of your web masterpiece! It's all as easy as 1,2,3.

Also, remember, if, at any time, you feel that you need some help, some problem solving input, or simply some good, experienced, expert advice on how best to use your "Abode Hosting" package, we have 24 hour a day customer service and support, 7 days a week, 365 days per year, so that no matter what happens, we've got you covered!

Q: What happens if I eventually decide that your services are just not suitable for my particular needs?

A: While we doubt very much that this would ever occur, once you have actually applied the various tools that we make available to you, to ensure your success on-line, and while we certainly hope that it doesn't ever happen, the truth remains, that good business sense dictates that we have, set in place, a well established, pre-calculated contingency plans for any possible variable, should it arise, and this scenario is no exception.

That is why we offer you an "UNCONDITIONAL," 30 DAY, Money-Back Guarantee! So that you get the chance to try our services, absolutely "RISK FREE," and really dive-in, full force, to see what all you can actually achieve for yourself, if you truly apply the tools at your disposal and availability!

If, after 30 days, you decide that "Abode Hosting" is just not for you, simply send us an email, explaining to us, in simple terms, what it was that you weren't happy with (This allows us the opportunity to better analyze our service and see if there is anything that we can possibly do, to better serve our client's needs more completely,) and we will be more than cooperative, in seeing to it, that you get your money back in full, promptly and courteously, as you have requested.

Q: What Equipment do you use?

A: We use only the very "Top of the Line," state of the art, fully updated, industrial strength web server equipment, to ensure total and complete performance and reliability. Our Servers actually have a minimum of 1 gigabyte of memory, with storage, spread across multiple SCSI hard disk drives and run "Redhat Linx" for maximum flexibility.

Installations include the Apache web server, qmail mail server and mySQL database server. Our servers are housed in the most modern and efficient, Data Centers, which provide the optimum operational conditions. Our facilities include "Round the Clock" provision of security personnel and a completely optimized, air conditioned, controlled environment. We have data centers located in both, the United Kingdom and the USA, and we have direct access to the highest capacity broadband IP network.

The bandwidth, to our server racks is presented on two-gigabit fibers, from independent routers, yielding a network with no single point of failure. Each server has multiple, hot, swappable, power supply units. In the improbable event of a failure of the incoming power supply, both battery and propane generator backup systems ensure the security of your site.

Our server and network performance is constantly monitored by our proprietary software, alerting technicians to any potential faults, long before they ever have the opportunity to occur. We constantly monitor backbone performance, sending IP traffic down the shortest path, using the Cisco BGP4 protocol.

Q: How do I access my hosting account?

A: You can access all the various features of your hosting account, directly through our easy to use control panel. In this fashion, you have total and absolute control of your web-based email, setup, additional domains, email accounts, forwarders, cgi scripts, databases, ftp accounts, as well as change passwords, view visitor stats, setup email filters etc, etc. The options and the possibilities are practically endless!

Q: Why don't you offer "Unlimited Bandwidth," like other providers claim that they do?

A: Because there is no such thing as "Unlimited Bandwidth!" Allow me to explain.

"Bandwidth" is the traffic that your site uses to transfer its files to visitors of your web page. It is measured as "Kb/second" for visitor's modems, and total monthly gigabytes for web servers.

Most sites receive less than 250 daily visitors. If each visitor downloads approximately 300 Kb, then maximum site traffic will be 250*300*31 = 2 GB/month (75 MB/day).

Be careful! The idea or claim, that a server has an unlimited amount of bandwidth, is simply ridiculous. This is a commonly used LIE, attempting to lure in clients, by filling their heads with nonsense, and we think that that sort of unethical behavior is a crying shame!

Company's outrageous claims to provide "Unlimited bandwidth / traffic" is purely "FALSE ADVERTISING!" In fact, some of the top web-hosting directories, will not allow hosting companies to advertise Hosting Packages with unlimited bandwidth, because it is an outright LIE! When looking at Unlimited or extremely high bandwidth allowances, for low prices, you really need to carefully check the terms and conditions, for the hidden, declared traffic limits, often disguised as a statement saying that your hosting account can be terminated or suspended, if it impacts the performance of the server and / or network, which basically means, if they think your bandwidth usage is too high.

Honest companies clearly advertise a maximum data transfer/traffic allowed, usually between 1 to 5 GB/month, and a reasonable fee for additional traffic, which exceeds those parameters. Bandwidth is one of the significant costs to any hosting company, and therefore no one could possibly survive, giving away an endless supply.

They would immediately be severely leeched onto, by every other competitive company, trying to avail themselves to an endless supply of the very valuable commodity that keeps them making money. It just doesn't exist.

No hosting company could afford to give you unlimited access to this costly resource. It would be like a restaurant offering all the food you can eat, for the rest of your life, for only $50.00.

It would be like a bank that offers you the ability to withdrawal all the money that you ever want, 24 hours a day, for a small monthly fee of $50.00. How would they ever survive? The truth is, they wouldn't!

We set clear bandwidth limits, which protect you and ensures that we can manage and maintain the effectiveness of our servers, so that we can provide you the maximum performance, possible!

Q: Why do you NO LONGER offer up phone support?

A: First of all, our initial decision to offer full and complete "24 / 7 / 365" Customer support over the internet, through the use of our help desk (, was initiated so as to keep our costs down, in order that we might achieve the enviable position of charging our clients, the lowest possible hosting fees available on the net, ANYWHERE! Truthfully, it has worked out amazingly well for everyone concerned, and we are as happy as we can be about that.

Additionally, we have since discovered that most of our customers, "ACTUALLY PREFER" to get their responses, delivered to them, immediately in writing, through the help desk and email, as most "Computer People," tend to be far more comfortable with the use and cost of email, over the telephone!

This way, they can now go-over any instructions or directions, as often as necessary to fully grasp the idea being presented, which is available, laid out in a very clear and easy to understand, "Step-by-step" manner, for absolute simplicity and clarity!

Our clients have told us that it's far more easy for them, to read a solution and apply it, than try to deal with differing human personality characteristics, in a moment of stress, as well as specific, unique, variations in speaking style, accents, dialects, etc.

Please remember that the internet is a world wide endeavor, and we are dealing with the entire globe here, so the help desk has served to make it far more easy and comfortable for our cherished customers.

Also this allows each message to be easily stored, for future reference, as well as allow our clients to more readily share the information with other associates and on-site technical personnel and staff.

Along the very same line of reasoning, we have also developed the most comprehensive "ONLINE SUPPORT LIBRARY", available around the clock, where most of your questions can be answered immediately. This Online Library also delivers excellent tutorial demonstrations, for your greater education and understanding. Click here to see our help desk and online support library

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