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Everything that you could ever possibly need, to become a successful, “Stand-Out” Presence on the internet, is professionally provided, along with all the expert information, customer service and support, that has helped “ Abode Hosting ” grow to become the World Wide Web's Undisputed Champion of Affordable Web Hosting . Come See Why!

This is no “One Size Fit's All,” fly by night organization. No! We've been here for the long haul, and will be here tomorrow when you need us, providing “ Three ” Precision Prescribed Packages , based on you specific circumstances and needs! If you're not sure which Packages best fits your unique circumstances, then by all means, ASK! We are happy to answer any and all inquiries in a relaxed, patient and complete manner!


"I have used Abodehosting for provision of two domain names and web server space. These are used for two websites for which I am responsible in constructing and upgrading regularly. The service that has been provided by Abode Hosting is excellent and I have not had any technical problems at all during the last two years and this includes server downtime. An excellent hosting provider that I would recommend especially due to its competitive pricing." Martin Berry www.warringtonps.co.uk & www.martinberry.co.uk



* Amazingly Low Prices : Less than “ 1/10 th ” your standard web hosting fees! The greatest possible VALUE , for a minimal investment of your hard-earned money!


* 24 hour a day CUSTOMER SUPPORT , 7 Days a Week! through our Help Desk Centre (www.abodehelpdesk.com)

* Secure and Stable Servers .

* 99.9% Guaranteed Up-Time , because Time is “MORE” than Money! (If for any reason your website is ever down for more than 0.1% of any month, we will gladly refund you Double the percentage of the time spent down!) Now “ That's ” A GUARANTEE !!!

* State of The Art , Top of The Line , Technical Equipment and Software ! Continually Up-graded on a constant basis!

* Unlimited email addresses and Sub-Domains

* Advanced Back-Up Protection

* Free Auto-Responders

* No Minimal Contract necessary

* 30 Day Money Back Guarantee .

* Free Shopping Cart

*Free CGI Script Library

*Fantastico Script

* And Much, Much More!!!

Plus you get the Amazing, custom created “ WebMaster's Toolbox ,” with any web-hosting Package that you choose. This wonderful item, all in itself, is easily worth the small price of the entire hosting package, but it is only a small part of the total VALUE , which you receive at Abode Hosting!

The “ WebMaster's Toolbox ” includes:

  • Web Design Templates
  • Instant Site Maker
  • HTML Editors
  • Java Scripts
  • Pop-Up Generators
  • Instant Meta-Tag Makers
  • Banner Buddy
  • Data Stamp
  • Instant Sales Letters …..And more than we could ever have the space to mention here on this page!!!

Simply Contact us, by clicking the link below, for more in-depth information and to see just how easily and quickly you could be on-line, Right NOW , getting your share of that massive and never ending internet traffic.

We'll be more than happy to answer any of your questions, and help you through the process in a step-by-step procedure, that makes it painless , easy and fast !

We await you , and more importantly, your public, fans, clients and customers await you!

  Abode Hosting : Your “ One Stop Shop ” for inexpensive web hosting.

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